About Our Team

AT Developments is led by a highly skilled executive team with direct real estate and business experience. AT Developments’s Advisory Board is comprised of representatives that include senior corporate leaders and seasoned professionals who have significant experience in the real estate industry and whose oversight will include;

  • acquisitions
  • organization
  • planning and approvals
  • project management
  • corporate finance
  • financial reporting

Joseph Santos

team_joesph_thumb_revJoseph (Joe) studied at Ryerson University in Toronto graduating with a business and marketing degree. Joe is a real estate developer in Canada and the United States and is also the CEO of a privately owned manufacturing company in business for over thirty years and employs more than 20 people. The company supplies unique custom design, engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing services to ABM networks for large-scale banks. Their offices in Canada and the United States are complemented by manufacturing facilities across North America.

Joe has been active in Toronto real estate development since 1998 and has completed various loft style multi-unit development projects during this time including recently developing Victoria Lofts which is a 34 unit Church conversion project for which he earned the “Award of Excellence” from Heritage Toronto. Joe is currently focused on the re-zoning of the Five Points high-rise project along with other medium density projects in Downtown Barrie, and with the urban design of the greater UGC area of Barrie which represents a significant and untapped opportunity. Read here about our past projects.

Twelve years ago Joe co-founded King Bay Kids outreach homework and sports club programs for inner-city youth at risk ( The mission of King Bay Kids is to break the cycle of violence and despair among youth at risk via long term programmes, mentors and support groups that rekindle hope through experiences of personal excellence in action. Strong emphasis is placed on the spiritual, emotional and physical development of youth through the teaching of core values that are embedded in all of the programmes and outreach services.

Three years ago Joe commissioned Project Remembrance which is a 36-painting, fine arts series to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first Great War. The collection highlights the sacrifice, great courage and true grit of young Canadians and serves as an inspiration to all future generations (

Jeff Shapiro

Jeff has a proven track record with over 30 years of broad based, management level experience in the real estate industry and has held senior positions with a number of large builders and developers in the Toronto area. These positions include Vice President of Finance and Operations, Senior Asset Manager, and Project Analyst for a privately-held, well respected and diversified real estate company located in Downtown Toronto.

With extensive and varied experience, Jeff has been a valuable contributor to the success of many companies and projects in the GTA. During the tenure of his career, Jeff worked on projects that included low-rise residential lots, high-rise residential condominiums, seniors housing, hotels and retail\commercial buildings.

A reliable, mature and hard working person who has established long term business relationships with many of the local banks, trust companies and private lenders. While holding the position of Finance Manager for a large real estate developer based in Markham, Ontario, Jeff secured over $250 Million of land, construction and mezzanine financing for residential and retail projects in Downtown Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Barrie, Waterloo, Burlington and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As the Senior Vice President of AT Developments, Jeff’s responsibilities include project analysis, the preparation of pro-formas, cash flows, sources and uses of funds and supporting schedules, preparing letters of intent and agreements of purchase and sale for the acquisition of properties, due diligence review for new opportunities including soliciting and co-ordinating third party reports and studies and acting as the liaison with quantity surveyors and lenders. Jeff also manages reporting to the company’s lenders, investors and ownership groups.