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Home Is Where It’s

Here at AT Developments, we pride ourselves on being a part of your family’s most loving moments and treasured memories. Homebuilding provides us with an immense amount of fulfillment, every home is a commitment to the family that calls it home. We truly feel it is an honour and a privilege to be able to build homes for families.

AT Developments


Founded in 1998, the AT Developments team has built exquisite homes for over two decades. Our goal is to incorporate the latest technologies, using practical and ecological materials, and to create timeless designs with elegant form. We create a space where memories are made.

We ensure that every home we build takes into account more than just the structure itself, but also the streetscape, the green spaces, the environment, and the surrounding community. Our team carries out extensive research and market analysis, prior to commencing any project, focusing on the customers’ view and how a property can benefit the immediate community. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring the integrity and respect of the community that we build in.

AT Developments collaborates on every project with leaders in the fields, from the architects, planners, designers, consultants, and craftsman that are brought together to create unforgettable spaces. With an award-winning team, we are able to build homes that are in line with buyers’ tastes and preferences.

We do more than just build a house. We create an awe-inspiring place of work and leisure, where you can truly cherish those blissful moments with your loved ones. A place where you can build a future and grow with those you love the most in the world.

This is our priority and our commitment to you.


Communities With Heart

AT Developments is committed to bettering our communities through volunteer work in Southern Ontario, charity programs designed to support people and through donations and sponsorships.

One of our main focuses is our involvement in outreach homework and sports club programs for at-risk inner city youth. The mission is to break the cycle of violence and despair via long term relationships, involving mentorship and support that rekindle hope through experiences and personal growth in action. A strong emphasis is placed on spiritual, emotional and physical development for youth through teaching core values.

AT Developments is also proud to be a main sponsor and co-founder of the major Canadian fine art project, Project Remembrance. Project Remembrance is a fine art series of 36 paintings commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First World War, from a Canadian perspective. The collection highlights the individual sacrifice, great courage and true grit of the young Canadian spirit and serves as an inspiration to future generations.